KG Group


According to research, people are 80% more likely to read content
if it features with design. Infographics are 30 times more likely
to be read compared to plain text. Marketers and brands have
repeatedly seen the power of infographics for content marketing,
which is why they’ve become so widespread.

We had a great opportunity to create and design Infographics
for one of the biggest, agriculture and food business groups
across the Baltic States. It is formed from “Kauno Grudai”,
“Kaisiadoriu Paukstynas”, “Vilniaus Paukstynas” and subsidiary companies.
KG Group consists of grain and poultry business portfolios.
Two main branches of food and nonfood products have formed
13 independent businesses. It’s quite a challenge to highlight
all valuable information of 13 independent businesses in a few slides.
We hope you do like them as much as we do!

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