Packaging Design

JSC ‘Klaipėdos duona’ – the pride not only of all the citizens
of Klaipėda, but also the leader of Lithuania’s bread bakers
traditions nurturance and development. The bakery of the company
‘Klaipėdos duona’ was established in 1977. Since the establishment
in bakery has been working the best bread baking masters, who bake
bread according to the antecedents’ scalded bread recipes, using
only high-quality flour, yeast, sourdough and scalded flour without
any chemical additives. Due to the exceptional taste and scent the
bread of JSC ‘Klaipėdos duona‘ quickly has become loved not only
in the region of Klaipėda, but throughout Lithuania.

JSC ‘Klaipėdos duona’ came to us with new product of dried bread snacks.
Two different types of bread snacks made from dark half-rye bread and
white rye bread with sunflower seeds. Totally 6 different flavour tastes.
Unique products with delicate production technology of thinly sliced dried
bread slices coated with spices without any cooking in oil. The snacks contain
no flavour enhancer E621 and no genetically modified substances. It’s a healthy
product with rich source of fiber. Our task for this project was to create new
brand identity, brand symbol and packaging for all 6 flavours which should stay
suitable for both young and old generations but at the same time
to grab buyer attention.

  • CLIENT Klaipėdos duona
  • SERVICE Packaging design x Photography
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