Summer Grill Packaging Line


New packaging design


Totally 7 different tastes: American BBQ Chicken wings, Pork shashlik, Spicy Chicken shashlik,
Chicken with blackcurrants, Pork Bacon shashlik, Chicken with Herbs & Sour Cream,
Chicken shashlik with mayonnaise & mustard.

We designed the main bag and 7 different labels for new meat grilling line. The main bag contains
country styled wood texture with burned details on it. Also brand’s purple & gold colour combination followed
with colourful stripe lines as per brand’s guidelines. Next step – labels. Each label has it’s own taste
and colour. Design followed with hand drawn details. The whole package brings the message
of natural and friendly ingredients picked from local farmers.

  • CLIENT Rokiškio mėsinė
  • SERVICE Packaging design
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